Hello lovely!

Before I dive into who I am, let’s talk about YOU first. After all, you want to know if you came to the right place, right? Well, let’s see how you feel about this description:

  • You are a parent
  • ‘Normal’ parenting tricks don’t seem to work for your family.
  • Your kid seems to have so much energy, you have trouble keeping up. Always busy, coming up with new ideas. Can I sleep, please?
  • Agh and those questions? Don’t they drive you nuts sometimes? Like you have ‘encyclopedia’ written on your head. I just don’t have all the answers, kid!
  • Your kid is so sensitive, you worry. It’s admirable that they care about suffering, but you just want your kid to enjoy its childhood and don’t worry so much about world problems.
  • It’s obvious your child is intelligent/talented, but why doesn’t (s)he perform accordingly? Why does (s)he resists to learning so much?
  • You regularly don’t talk to your parenting issues with other parents; they just don’t seem to understand.
  • You and/or your child is struggling with a fixed mindset.
  • You sometimes worry if “this is it”. You have that gut feeling that there is more to life, but you just don’t know how to get there and where to start.
  • You want to enjoy parenting more. You are done with the worry and stress. You just want all of you to thrive while having strong connections as a family. You want your home filled with joy, love and magic!

If you can say yes to two or more, you are at the right spot my friend!

Now, this is wat I can do for you

I can help you be in love with life. How? By being your (spiritual) guide in transforming your mind and opening your heart. I help you rediscover your love for learning and growth. Because think about, what is the true basis for life? Growth! Without growth we would be born babies and we would die babies. Without growth, no transformation is ever possible.

When you love learning and love growth, you will be able to handle any task life presents you. You’ll be able to become the parent you want and need to be. You’ll understand your child better. You’ll enjoy life more. You’ll be freed from anything that’s holding you back. You’ll be healed from (childhood) trauma. You’ll be able to discover your true purpose in life and life up to your full potential. You’ll have trust and confidence to embark upon any adventure.

In order for growth to happen, we need to have an open mind and heart. We need to be able to love to learn. We need to be able to (feel) love. We need to choose love instead of fear. We need to get rid of all the (emotional) blocks stopping us from reaching our destination. We need to detox, declutter and heal. We need to take care of ourselves, learn compassion and practice good habits.

I’m your guide for all of it! I’m here to offer you guidance on your journey with knowledge, compassion and unconditional love. I’ll keep things easy and simple. Because there’s really no need to make life any more complicated than it already is, right?

Photo by Hemanth Nirujogi from Pexels

But wait, who am I?

I’m Chabeli Gooren, married to J, mother of three unschooled gifted kids (one son, TJ, he’s 11; two girls, S is almost 9 and L is 4,5), entrepreneur for almost 10 years. I’m a spiritual and transformational guide for (parents of) gifted kids, specialized in learning and growth.

My whole life I’ve been obsessed with learning. When I was a child, I would go to the library on my own to just sit and read books. With pocket money, I bought books. I just enjoyed learning so much! This continued through my whole life. By now, I must have read an uncountable amount of books!

My interest in humans led me to a masters degree in psychology and criminology. I still felt I needed to learn more about people and how to help them, so I studied to become a transformational coach and an expert on gifted education.

When my first child was born, I kept reading and learning. I immediately knew this kid was different. It wouldn’t sleep as much as other babies. He didn’t fit the developmental schedule (“they must be way off, right?”). I was exhausted! I didn’t know how to handle parenting. I felt lost.

With no one that understood my frustrations, I turned to learning. I starting learning everything I could about parenting, about giftedness, about mindset. I learned about attachment parenting, I learned about unconditional and conscious parenting. I learned about the continuum concept. And I learned that most things we’re taught in society about parenting is wrong. No wonder most of us are lonely, unhappy or trying to find our true selves!

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur and parent my journey didn’t stop there. I continued studying. I dove into personal development and habits for succes. I studied food and health. I learned about (self)compassion and spirituality. I keep learning every single day.

I love to dance, travel the world in our campervan, walk barefoot in nature, warm up in the sun, cook AND eat all sorts of nurturing food. I love the smell of strong black coffee and self-made herbal tea. I love learning. I love growing. And I love all live on earth. I combine all these passions and all I’ve learned in the work I do.

Life is a great adventure. I’d love to be your guide in this beautiful journey! Are you ready to get started?

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