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Choosing life from a place of flow and non-resistance

How many times have you thought something in the lines of: “I don’t want to eat too much because I don’t want to gain weight.” Or “I’m going to bed early because I don’t want to be tired in the morning”. Or “I’m having pizza for dinner because I don’t want to cook” and of course, afterwards you feel kind of bad about it, because you didn’t eat ‘healthy food’. I know I have experienced this many times. I didn’t eat certain foods, because they made me feel bad. I went to the gym, because I wanted to lose weight. I brought too much clothes with me on travels, just to make sure I didn’t lack anything.

See how every situation comes from a place of ‘not wanting’? Often we choose things in life because we don’t want something else. We choose a partner because we don’t want to be alone or because we don’t want another one. We want to have money, because we don’t want to be without it. We quit smoking because we feel bad about doing it, or we don’t want to be unhealthy. We protest against government policies, because we do not agree with them. This way, we are in a state of resistance to something we don’t like. We are focused on the negative vibration of things. We are acting from a place of lack, of not having enough of what we want.

But what we persist, resists and will keep coming back to us in one way or the other. We will keep going in the same circles until we have learned our lessons. In order to attract and manifest the things we truly desire, we need to tune into the frequency of that same thing. If we want something positive, we need to tune into a positive state of being. 

So instead of wanting a partner because you don’t want to be alone, be happy with being alone. Of course, it’s perfectly natural to desire love in your life. Think about what qualities you would like in a partner. Get a good image of how he or she should be. Do you find any of those qualities in yourself? If not, you are still thinking from a place of lack, since you are trying to find someone to complete you. Focus on all the positive and good things about yourself. Love yourself and be happy with your life. Feel good about yourself and your life. You will get into the frequency of that what you want to attract. If you let it go and trust that life will bring it to you, it will.

If you want to quit smoking (or quit some other habit that doesn’t serve you), try to focus on how not smoking makes you feel. What is so good about not smoking? Stop focusing on why smoking is bad for you, how it costs money, etc. Focus on what you do want. On what good it brings if you quit. How good will you feel? What will you be able to do if you quit and how would that make you feel? Then hold on to that feeling. Practice it every time you feel the urge to engage in the habit you want to quit. Breath, let the thoughts and feelings move through you and release any negativity that keeps you stuck in the negative vibration that you are wishing to release. Trust that everything is good and perfect. That YOU are good and perfect. Now, quitting will be much easier. You will choose from a place of trust instead of a place of lack.

Whenever you focus on what you truly want, what makes you feel happy, what makes your eyes sparkle, you are choosing from the heart. That is the place where true manifestation happens. You are aligning to your soul now and you can attract anything into your life. You’ll choose whatever you like from a place of flow, from a place of non-resistance. Now, you are allowing life to work through you, to do its magic. You are surrendering to its natural course. Like a river that flows to the ocean or the sun that rises every day, life will happen naturally without you having to do anything at all except for staying in the vibration of what you want and letting go of any resistance. Now, you are choosing the life you want, instead of the life you don’t want. You are choosing life from a place of non-resistance. Now wait and feel the magic flow abudantly in!

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