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Birthing new beginnings

Enjoying a wonderful evening with old and new friends in Portugal

It has been a while since you last heard from me. My life has taken some really unexpected turns in these last 9 months and I’ve needed time to adjust and reflect on all of it. I needed to focus on my inner-work, which left me little room to focus on my outer-work. But here I am again, with a fresh start and ready to give birth to new beginnings!

For the ones who don’t follow me on social media (you should start now to not miss anything 😉 ) or know me personally; my life has changed completed since last summer. I have been through a big life transformation and I’m ready to start sharing about it.

During summer I was going through great inner transformations. I was feeling a lot of bliss and interconnectedness with all life on earth. I started meeting new like-minded people who magically seem to come into my life and I started to feel a strong urge to form a community somewhere in nature. I started to feel a great call to remember the shaman in me. This brought me to a major realization: I longed for a community with soul family, living an unconditional life, free from all systems, and in harmony with all living beings including our earth. I longed for a place where my kids can grow up freely running around with other kids, learning from other adults and reconnecting with everything earth gives us.

I had been feeling this urge for a long time, but now it was really becoming a call. I could not ignore it anymore. I discussed it with my husband, but he was firm: he did not share the same vision. After long contemplation with my higher self, I came to the conclusion that it was time for us to go our separate ways. Out of love for myself and out of love for him. We started the process of divorce. Soon I will write a more elaborate blogpost on this process. 

Once I made this decision things started to unfold quickly. New people came into my life who held the same vision as me. We started talking about forming a community and we felt the need to go to Portugal to explore this. In October we had a meeting and everything just clicked. It really is like magic when you meet the right people! One week later we decided to answer this call and to just go. We would leave in 6 weeks. 

December 14 I left with my campervan with two new friends, two of my kids and our dog to Portugal with no direct plan of where to go, how long to stay and if we would ever come back. Another family of friends joined us in their camper for a month. My middle child decided to stay home with her dad for 3 more weeks; she joined us later in January. We have been in Portugal since then.

Since I embarked upon this adventure, I’ve been receiving a lot of messages from people who want to know more. Who feel inspired and would love to do the same. Who like to learn more about the hurdles on our path, on what we have been learning and how we are doing. So I decided to share this with you. I’ll be writing more blogs on what we have been doing in these last couple of months and what we will be doing next. If you want to make sure to not miss a blogpost, please subscribe to my newsletter here 🙂

Thank you for being here and being part of my community!

Much love & joy,


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