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A Beautiful Conversation on Ascension and Letting Go

Today I had a wonderful online conversation with a friend on ascension and on letting go of attachments and expectations. This conversation was not only warming, it was also a nice ascension-activation as well. I decided to share it with you, as I believe it might help you as well. Enjoy!

Our beautiful conversation

[Chabeli] That physical ascension, I’m feeling it very strongly now. The consciousness has been there for a while, but the body is getting there now. The last few weeks I’ve felt that I’ve been very active at nights [in my dreams], but that somehow I’m not ‘allowed’ to see what that entails. It frustrates me  sometimes, what am I doing in those other dimensions haha, but it must have a reason that info is not shown to me. It probably has something to do with the physical needing all my attention right now. I’ve been feeling very tired also. And yesterday and today I’ve felt dizzy and somewhat confused. […] It feels like I’m waking up out of a dream, like in that first seconds when you wonder if you’ve had a dream or that it was a real experience. This [ascension] process is like a flow of waves, in perfect interaction and harmony with the self and environment. A trigger in consciousness of the self, causing you to evolve further in your process, and when enough people experience the same, it effects the collective. That in turn activates something back in the self. And that is the same interplay between the physical and the consciousness: every step in the evolution of your own self consciousness activates an upgrade in your body, which then activates your consciousness, etc. And that is co-creation. Together we’ll come to ascension.

[Philip]  Very amazing, that interplay between the internal and external transformation. If anything, that’s where the true changes take place, on an energetic level. When the frequency baseline increases, old feelings, thoughts and actions become conscious and the body is able to make space for detoxification for all new frequencies, and thus new ways of doing, thinking and being. This then will be indeed reflected in the collective consciousness, very powerful how feeling already can make such a difference to others. A domino effect arises wherein your own experience creates space for others to transform. A nice example of how the butterfly effect works on this giant melting pot of energetic fields and how we’re all interconnected, so within, so without.

[Chabeli] Yes, exactly Philip!

The body needs to be able to carry that higher frequency, so the body has to evolve. And as your body is beter able to carry [that higher frequency], you’ll evolve! And the same goes for our whole environment, the earth.

[Philip] Yes, the energetic lines of the body need to be able to handle that higher capacity, otherwise you’ll get a short-circuit which can manifest itself in the form of a psychosis.

What I find difficult sometimes is keeping the balance between the physical and spiritual dimensions. The process of ascension requires a lot of energy and dedication, yet there is little room left for this amid the busy-ness and expectations of society.

It makes me actually pretty grateful for this corona time and the fact that many lightworkers now have more time to create space to anchor these new vibrations into the collective.

[Chabeli] And at the same time that is exactly a part of the ascension-process: the letting go of attachments and expectations.

[Philip] On the days I feel really burned out I mainly try to make space for rest. To make walks, read books, drink green juices and to speed up the drain of toxines on a physical level. It really is like an ebb and flow. Cause on the other side there are also days I enjoy the energy of absolute ecstasy and vitality. 

[Chabeli] And that is the most liberating of this process.

Exactly, like waves.

[Philip] Yes, the detachment of the lower densities in order to experience true inner freedom.

It’s beautiful to see how many amazing people here are going through the exact same, it feels good to see that recognition from others.

Times of growth and times of integration.

[Chabeli] 5 years ago I quit my job. What a big step that was! After two university degrees, a ‘good’ job, suddenly I went to nothing. Well, I became a stay-at-home-mom, what kind of is seen as ‘less important’ in our ‘beloved’ society. I really needed to de-brainwash. A lot of letting go, of many structures. How was I going to structure my day without a ‘forced’ rhythm? I was I going to feel useful without a paid job or study? I went through many layers of psychological detoxing. The best of all is that I get to watch my kids grow up like this and that they do not know better then to live life in complete freedom and self-determination. ?

[Philip] Truly beautiful to see how, through self-sacrifice, you create space for others to thrive.

I am myself now in that phase of my life that I’m trying to find my place in society, next to the process of integrating in higher paradigma.

[Chabeli] You know, for a while it did feel that way, like a self-sacrifice. But now I realize this is the ultimate service-to-others, that it’s how life was intended, and that I’m actually not doing anything more than living in harmony with my environment. It is a continuous game of being available for an other and also giving space to your own needs, and finding a balance therein together. Since my children get all the space, I’m actually more of a facilitator. I support them where needed, whilst living my own life.

In these times it’s pretty difficult to find your place, so much is in transition. And perhaps we will never find our place, that is perhaps the nature of being a starseed/lightworker, always on call and in search of something else.

[Philip] That’s how it feels indeed, sacrifice creates a path to true selflessness and service to others. A reality where you’re not dependent of the external to experience internal joy and harmony.

[Chabeli] ❤️

[Philip] I myself feel lucky to be surrounded by so many 5D souls in daily life.

[Chabeli] I’m slowly coming to acceptance that I might never find ‘my place’. It’s just not who I am. I’m a nomad at heart, I thrive on variation in life, people and environment. I don’t see myself settling somewhere to stay there forever or to do [something] forever. The ultimate freedom, having all space to follow your heart and inspiration.

[Philip] Respect to you for knowing how to feel that insecurity and transform it to freedom. You never know where you’ll be and what you’ll experience. Only the knowing and the projected environment stand. The mirrored reflection of the soul.

[Chabeli] If you’re in contact with your higher self/spirit guides, you can feel being called where to be and when. “Wait for the impulse” as said by Abraham Hicks once. It takes patience and trust to wait for that, but if you can, you will experience true magic. And every experience is then beautiful and special and exactly how it is supposed to be. When you’re younger, you experience more restlessness and impatience. That is probably a sign that you have more clearing to do. Is it part of your conditioning? That you feel you should be in a certain place right now, according to society? Is it the lack of trust in that you will get where you need to be? Your unrest has a reason and needs research. I sometimes feel I’m still researching, what is fear, why do I feel something, why do I feel the urge to do something? It’s all part of the letting go. Letting go of attachments, of expectations, of conditioning. Deschooling, it’s how we call it in homeschooling-land :).

And that deschooling needs to be seen in a broad sense of course. It’s about letting go of all the systems: education, career, parenting, etc.

[Philip] From a deep intuitive level I know that I’m always at the right time in the right place. However I would lie if I’d say I don’t experience any difficulty surrounding the obligations society puts on me. It’s indeed a very deep conditioning I’ve been spoon-fed. Furthermore I feel pressure from my parents, and I myself have built the patterns of perfectionism and self-critique from child-traumas. I do am truly super grateful as the days flow that I’m more and more beginning to feel and open up from the heart. I am truly proud of how I changed my lifestyle and I’m not constantly trying to numb myself. I’m starting to feel more power in my own being and essence. It’s a beautiful journey when you’re becoming more empowered every day. In the end I see that theory is becoming more distilled into wisdom by feeling and experiencing. So yeah, there are still a lot of things to transmute, but at least I am trying 🙂

[Chabeli] But it’s exactly like you say Philip: it’s a journey. A beautiful, unique journey. You’re not trying, you’re doing!! You’re beautifully on your way, on your own unique path and exactly where you are supposed to be right now. ❤️

Sometimes you don’t understand why something is, but future proces past. In time everything will become clear and you’ll get why you are where you are now and why you were supposed to be there.

[Philip] True, it is best to just let go and enjoy the experience as it comes. Everything is already on its place anyway. I’m starting so see more and more how the external transformation is mirrored on the internal. It’s nice to see things reflected in that way.

[Chabeli] Beautiful soul?❤️

[Philip] Ha thank you for your beautiful understanding 🙂

Thank you

Thank you for being part of my community!

If you wish to know more about ascension symptoms, Lorie Ladd has a great recent video on this topic (what a synchronicity!). You can watch it here.

Much love and wisdom,


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