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Message of love & unity

Hello lovely soul,

Thank you for being here! A lot is been going on around us and I felt the need to bring you my message of love. So here it goes.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been observing the world in pain. I’ve been observing in neutrality, listening to all the voices of hurt and grief. People are angry. People are in pain. People are mourning for their losses and for what they feel they’ve been denied.

We’ve been turned against each other for centuries, my friends. People of color versus white people, young versus old, men versus women, rich versus poor, etc, etc, etc. People use arguments, facts, statistics to validate their points. “Racism is not that big of a deal, look at the facts, look at the numbers” they’ll say or: “I’m white and I’ve never experienced privilege in my life”.  Or: “I’m black and I’ve not experienced racism. So it must not be that big of a deal.”

Dear people. Let’s stop for a minute. Let’s take a break from the ratio and rise above this all. What is really going on here? And what can we do about it? Watch my new video where I explain the situation from my point of view. I’ll give you one hint: Love is the answer to all of it!

I’ll end this article with the four practical steps of the simple yet magical practice called Ho’oponopono:

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you 

I love you

Much love and wisdom to you, beautiful soul,


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