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Creating a Real New Normal

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It’s been a while since my last post. These last couple of weeks so much has happened, I strongly needed time to reflect on all of it. Time to take all the information in. Time to connect with new people. Time to learn about the world. Time to sit still, to meditate, to pray. Time to reflect on life, on health, on values. And time to heal, to let go of fear and past pain.

To be honest, I’ve been living in a bubble. I’ve surrounded myself with my family and occasionally some close friends. I’ve taken this time in silence and pause to FEEL. Feel about life, about the world, about the future and about my needs. Time to connect with my spirit guides. Time to find answers. What kind of world are we living in? What kind of world do I envision for the future? What could we do to get there? I feel these questions are now more important than ever.

Going back to ‘normal’?

Are we ever going back to ‘normal’? I sincerely think and hope not. Normal might seem fine for a lot of people. It was safe and predictable. But normal was not ‘normal’. Let’s think about it:

  • Is it normal for kids to sit still hours and hours in a jam-packed class room, away from their parents?
  • Is it normal to be jammed in crowded trains, busses, etc?
  • Is it normal to be so busy we never have time to rest, to think, to FEEL?
  • Is it normal to have forgotten how strong and self-healing our bodies are, that we fear sickness so much we will sacrifice anything for it?
  • Is it normal to have elderly locked up in homes, having others decide over their fate?
  • Is it normal for others to decide what information we are allowed to access?
  • Is it normal to have given our governments the sole right over our lives, freedom and bodies?
  • Is it normal we’ve polluted this beautiful place, ignored all other life on earth just for our sole convenience and consumerist lifestyle?
  • Is it normal to have so much hate, crime and war in our world?
  • Is it normal to be divided by race, gender, age, politics?
  • Is it normal we have forgotten how to love unconditionally?

Is this our new ‘normal’?

And now, during this time of unrest, countries are providing us a picture of a ‘new’ normal. But think about this a bit:

  • Is it normal to never hug a loved one again?
  • Is it normal our governments decide how many people we’re allowed to receive in our own homes?
  • Is it normal for a government to decide which medicine we need to take? To track us and our health? To take away all our rights just to keep us safe (from what exactly?)?
  • Is it normal not to be able to decide for yourself how much risk you are willing to take for your health?
  • Is it normal to never see your grandparent again?
  • Is it normal to fear your neighbor?
  • Is it normal to stand hours in line to do grocery shopping?
  • Is it normal to be censored when you have a different opinion or you wish to have a healthy discussion on the rules of society?
  • Is it normal to never see a stranger smile at you, because they’re wearing a mandated mask?
  • Is it normal to get fined just for sharing a car with a friend? For sitting on a bench with your sister?
  • Is it normal to feel like you have no control over what happens in the world around you?

Don’t get me wrong. This ‘new’ normal also has some good sides to it. For the next couple of weeks at least, kids will sit in half-empty class rooms and will only attend school for half of the time. I find that to be a positive thing. Cinemas, bars, restaurants: all will be less crowded. Not a bad thing at all. Since shopping will be less fun if you have to wait hours in line, we will all think twice before doing some fun shopping. Unless of course, we all conveniently shop online and well yes, that poses other downsides for workers and environment 🙂

It is time to create a Real New Normal!

For me it’s very clear though: No, this ‘normal’ is not normal at all. I do not consent to this ‘new normal’. This is not the world I envision for myself, my children and whole humanity. Instead, I see a world of FREEDOM, PEACE, HARMONY AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR ALL LIFE ON EARTH. I see a world where WE decide on our own lives. I see a world where we remember how powerful we are, how powerful our bodies are, how we are able to self-heal. How we remember how strong and important mother earth is. How we use music, meditation, vibrations and frequencies, food and detoxing as a way to stay healthy. How we use touch and love to connect to one and another. A world where schools are focused on real education about the world, forming part of communities. A world where everyone is free to follow their dreams, not afraid of not being able to pay the bills. A world where everyone on earth is equal and free, never again entrapped by debt and conditioning. A world where we remember to follow our intuition, our hearts. A place we remember to FEEL, instead of think. Where we allow our feminine energy to flow. A place of abundance for EVERYONE and not just a selected few. A world where lack does not exist, where everything you need is provided, where we remember how to share. A world were we respect each other no matter what. A world where there’s always room for a dialogue on every subject, no matter how crazy, no matter how difficult. Where we listen to each other and trust each other. A world where we do not need to question each other’s motives, since they are all sincere and for the good of all. A world where we are strong and united and never divided by political opinion, race, gender, age, etc ever again. A world where we remember who we truly are. A world where we are awakened to our true selves. A world where we remember we’re all one. Together we stay strong, forever.

The time has come to awaken and remember our true potential and true purpose on earth. Are you ready to remember??

Much love, peace and wisdom,


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