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Difficult roads lead to…

Today I came across this quote below. “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”. It made me think about how often we are focused on the destination ahead of us, without enjoying the journey. How often we are ready to give up when it gets difficult. “I’m just not good at math [gym, small talk, sticking to goals]” or “It’s too hard to push through”. Well let me tell you a little secret: It’s all in our minds! It is proven by science that our bodies (and minds) can go so much further than we would ever imagine possible. 

So how is it that some people can see every stone life throws at them as a blessing, while others let themselves be buried under? How come one child will run away from a difficult task, while the other one will start to glow? Sometimes it seems puzzling how you’re parenting or teaching two kids in the same way, but one will be ready to give up every second, while the other one won’t stop unless having won it all. It basically comes down to having a fixed mindset, or a growth mindset. The fixed mindset will keep you safe and stuck, a growth mindset will bring you to places you have never imagined. With a growth mindset, the sky is the limit!

So think about it: Are you facing difficulties in your daily life? Are you struggling with life’s challenges? More importantly: how are you handling those challenges? Are you taking them on with a smile, or do you stick your head in the sand? 

If you’re honest with yourself, do you believe you have a fixed mindset, or a growth mindset? If you’re not sure yet, stay tuned for next week’s article Introduction to Mindset Theory. I’ll share more on the difference between the two.

Until next time, my friend. And remember, magic happens OUTSIDE your comfort zone!

Much love and wisdom,


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